How much are tickets?

This is a free event! Beer, wine, food and snacks will be available for purchase. It is advised to order your Collectors Edition Beer Steins online as they do sell out at the event!

Is this a family event?

All ages are welcome, and there will be something for everyone! By 6:00pm, the kids events are done for the day, but everyone is welcome to stay.

Are dogs welcome?

Yes, this is Main Street Placerville. We just ask dogs are kept on leashes according to city ordinances and do not pose a threat to the attendees.  Please note this event draws thousands of people to Main Street, so dogs should be good around multitudes of people and other dogs.

Can we drink our beers on the street?

The consumption of beer and wine purchased from an Oktoberfest vendor may be consumed within the boundaries of the event.  Oktoberfest beer and wine cannot be brought into any main street restaurant, bar or winery, and alcohol cannot leave the venue confines and cannot be brought into the parking garages or parking lots.

Why are there two Oktoberfests in Placerville this year?

The Placerville Downtown Association is hosting the annual Placerville Oktoberfest at the El Dorado County Fair Grounds on October 1 and that is a free event as well.  Who doesn’t enjoy Oktoberfest? The more the merrier!