Kilt & Cork virtual tastings are fun, interactive and out of the ordinary!  With a goal of entertainment while enjoying premium wines and intimate conversation with the winemakers and winery owners, we aim to make the event memorable!

Virtual Tastings are great for corporate gatherings and team building events, as well as private parties such as birthdays, showers and other special occasions.  Our events typically run an hour with a tasting of 3 to 4 bottles, so they are perfect for groups who will have multiple couples or families at multiple locations, but we can tailor the tasting to meet any need.

Our tastings combine wine tasting with any other elements the client would like to add, such as live music (we can assist in finding an artist or work with yours) trivia and other fun games, live blending sessions, educational elements or even visual arts and experiences.  There is no limit to what we can do virtually!

I work mainly with Sierra Foothills based wineries who produce ultra premium wines and where the winemaker is available to be a part of the event.  I can, however, reach out to any of your favorite wineries in the Northern California wine regions upon request.  Prices vary for wine tasting kits.

We make it easy by hosting the event on Zoom and by providing you the invitation information for your guest list.  Or fees are $10 per tasting kit sold or the minimum fee of $125

Call Russ at 530.417.1171 to discuss your next virtual tasting event.


Kilt & Cork has developed a reputation for being invovled with unique and innovative wine, beer and music festivals. We can work with for profit and non-profit entities to plan, execute and host premier regional events. Our level of involvement can range from simply consultation to marketing to complete event management and promotion. We specialize in events for city organizations, charitable downtown organizations and regional organizations.  Some of our recent events include the Amarado Summer Festival, the River City Wine Week, WINEderLust, Placerville Oktoberfest and the Fair Play Harvest Wine Festival.

Upcoming events in 2020 include the Gold Hill Country Music Festival, The Motherlode Beer & Music Festival, The Wine Concourse at the Western States Horse Expo and the Placerville Oktoberfest.

Call Russ at 530.417.1171 to discuss your next festival, wine event or charity function.


Kilt & Cork LIVE is a fun and interactive show which is broadcast from either the Kilt & Cork studio, or live on location.  We focus on the current events, beverages, food, business or products, but the goal is to tell the story and interact with the live viewers.  The show is fun, casual and completely unscripted, so the viewers never know what is next.

The short 20 minute format is perfect for introducing a new product, promoting your business or sharing a story.  There is never a fee associated with the broadcast, as Kilt & Cork does not charge to do a live show on location.  The location must meet the Kilt & Cork criteria to qualify.


Kilt & Cork “Watch This” is a longer format, recorded and edited show.  With a longer format, we are able to shoot at multiple locations, have multiple guests on camera and tell a longer story about your business, product or venue. Shows can range from 30 to 40 minutes. Recording, production and post production is all done by Kilt & Cork, and the air date is determined with the subject of the show.

Prices vary depending on location and show details and start at $1000.00


Russ Reyes is an entrepreneur and risk taker, and his story “A wild ride to here” is both compelling and inspiring. His specifically crafts his messages for entrepreneurs, older job seekers, people changing careers or starting business, or people who just want to enjoy life again!

As a special guest on your show, Russ can talk about his passions – wine, whiskey, other spirits, beer, food, entrepreneurship, living life, taking chances, art, music and life!

Call for rates.